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2421A W Edgewood Dr
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Cutting edge lens technology
We offer the latest advancements in lens technology to tailor your new glasses to your specific needs

 High Index Lenses
Comparison of standard 1.498 index and Kodak Thin & Lite 1.74 at -4.00 power

Up to 65% thinner than standard plastic lenses - the worlds thinnest plastic lens material

  • FDA standard high-impact and scratch resistant hard coating
  • 99% glare free, hi vision multi-layer anti reflection coating
  • Flat base curve, aspheric design
  • UV ray absorbing

 Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating
                         Without AR Coating     With AR Coating

Kodak Anti-Reflection Lens coatings improve both the vision you experience through your lenses and the appearance of the lenses themselves.

8% of light becomes reflections on uncoated lenses; these reflections interrupt your vision, making it less clear than with a coated lens. They are also distracting for people looking at you as they do not have a clear view of your eyes.

Kodak CleAR and Clean 'N' CleAR Lens coatings virtually eliminate reflections on your lenses. They enable 99.6% of light to reach your eyes. The coatings are available on all Kodak Lenses, and are highly recommended for anyone who uses a computer, spends time in artificially lit environments, who drives, or who wants to improve the appearance of their glasses.

 Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses adapt as lighting conditions change.  Experience and compare Transitions lenses here.

 Digital Lenses

Advantages of Digital Lenses

Conventional Lens:  Prescription inaccuracies can occur at the periphery of the lens

Digital Lens:  Sharper vision right to the edge of the lens

Up to 12% thinner and 20% flatter than conventional lenses

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