High Oxygen (Silicone Hydrogel) Soft Lenses


Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses represent a breakthrough over traditional hydrogel soft contact

lenses by allowing up to 5 times more oxygen through the lens than traditional soft lenses for better corneal health and improved comfort.


Astigmatism (Toric) Soft Contact Lenses


With today's toric soft contact lenses, patients with astigmatism can enjoy crisp clear vision.  Many brands are now available in silicone hydrogel material for better comfort and improved corneal health.


Multifocal Contact Lenses

 Once we reach our 40's, focusing on small print up close becomes more and more difficult.  Multifocal lenses provide good distance and near vision for many patients. 

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

 Daily disposable lenses offer great comfort by using a brand new lens every day and the convenience of no solution or lens cleaning or storage.  Teenagers and part-time wearers are especially good candidates for these lenses.  Most are available in 30-packs and 90-packs.   

Color Contact Lenses


Color contact lenses offer the ability to change or enhance your natural eye color.  You can try on several different colors to choose your favorite.


Do I need a prescription to order contact lenses?

 Yes, contact lenses are classified as a medical device by the FDA.  If contacts don't fit properly they can cause serious eye health issues.  By law, a prescription is required to buy contact lenses. 

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